• The "Organic DCB" - Apoptosis without the Drug

  • PolarCath is the only Biologic Treatment Option below the knee

  • PolarCath Reduces Restenosis Rates by Nearly 50 Percent in Peripheral Stenting - COBRA Trial

PolarCath Balloon Dilatation System
"Next Generation Cryoplasty"

Unique combination of mechanical & biological effects:

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Smooth Muscle Cell Apoptosis

This non-inflammatory mechanism reduces vascular smooth muscle cells that have been shown to contribute to neo-intimal formation.

Altered Plaque Response

Cryotherapy may limit vessel trauma and reduce the frequency of flow limiting dissections by promoting a more uniform response to dilatation.

Reduced Elastic Recoil

Pre-clinical studies have shown that cryotherapy temporarily alters elastin fibers, which can reduce arterial wall elasticity.

In Summary

Cryoplasty is the peripheral angioplasty balloon offering the unique science of cryogenic cooling to treat peripheral vascular disease.